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Personal Care

Forever Living has combined all the health benefits of its home-farmed aloe vera gel with other high-quality ingredients to create a range of personal care products we believe are second to none.

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Precision Liquid Eyeliner

Make a statement with this bold, inky, Precision Liquid Eyeliner. Its super-fine tip allows for minute detail and its rich liquid dries fast. Now you can easily craft the dramatic eye look you’ve always dreamed.

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Aloe-jojoba Conditioning Rinse

Jojoba has been treasured for its moisture boosting properties for centuries, but we didn’t stop there. This new, improved formula includes Macadamia oil, olive oil, our own Lavender oil and sunflower seed oil to found out a fabulous foursome to help your hair and scalp stay moisturized. It’s powerful enough to leave your hair softer, shiner and more manageable, but lightweight enough to be used as a leave-in conditioner without heavy build up.

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Aloe Jojoba Shampoo

We’re proud to feature our own Forever Essential Oils Lavender, which imparts a soothing fragrance, to help hair shine and support the scalp. We realize it’s important to condition your scalp during shampooing and not just waiting for the conditioner, that’s why we’ve created this new, moisture-rich formula! Instead of having to rely solely on man-made sudsing agents, our favorite ingredient, Aloe Vera, naturally supplies saponins which help create a gentle lather. Get ready to have manageable, strengthened, full-bodied hair that will turn even more heads!

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Aloe Hand Soap

A combination of natural oils, fruit extract and the best of science with its mild chamomile scent is exactly what your skin wants and needs to be cleansed and conditioned. Aloe Hand Soap is infused with cucumber fruit extract, lemon peel oil and olive oil to exponentially boost its moisturizing powers.

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Aloe Body Toner

A rich, creamy blend of aloe vera and herbs to help moisturise, tone and condition the skin. Use beneath cellophane wrap (sold separately) to achieve the most effective results. Although temporary, Aloe Body Toner helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and leaves the skin feeling rejuvenated.

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Aloe Body Toning Kit

Designed to temporarily tone, trim and tighten the skin whilst minimising the look of cellulite, the Aloe Body Toning Kit includes signature products, including Aloe Body Toner, Aloe Body Conditioning Creme and Aloe Bath Gelée, plus a loofah mitt and cellophane wrap.

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Aloe Ever-Shield Deodorant Stick

Aloe Ever-Shield Deodorant provides effective, all-day protection. This gentle yet powerful product is non-irritating and does not stain clothes. The aloe vera formula contains no alcohol or harsh aluminium salts usually found in antiperspirant deodorants, and can be used to soothe after underarm shaving and waxing.

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Forever Bright Toothgel

Created for the entire family – as well as your pets – this gentle, non-fluoride formula contains only the highest quality ingredients including aloe vera and bee propolis. Enjoy its natural mint flavour for a taste that will leave your mouth refreshed and your teeth clean. This toothgel is also suitable for vegetarians since it contains no animal by-products.

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25th Edition Fragrance for Women

Expertly blended, the delicate summer scent of petals with warm, musky wood tones creates a unique and floral fragrance to capture the essence of femininity. Perfect for every day wear or special occasions.

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25th Edition Fragrance for Men

Exclusively created for Forever, the 25th Edition Cologne Spray is a fresh and sensuous masculine fragrance with an invigorating blend of fruit and herbal accents. This product also includes exotic wood undertones and subtle notes of Mediterranean lavender, refreshing iced pineapple and bergamot.

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Avocado Face & Body Soap

Enjoy the cleansing and moisturising properties of avocado – a nutrient-dense fruit – in the rejuvenating Avocado Face & Body Soap. This soap is made with 100% pure avocado butter and is ideal for all skin types.

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